About Us

At Paul J. Schmit Trucking, our mission is to serve our region and beyond as a leading carrier of bulk commodities. We strive to achieve this mission by providing quality service and timely deliveries to every valued customer!

Our family-owned company was founded by Paul J. Schmit in 1962, when he received authority from the state of Wisconsin to haul sand and gravel. With diligence and persistence, Paul, and his single dump truck, worked tirelessly to become successful. By 1970, Paul had a fleet of eight trucks, six employees and a shop. Many years of hard work and dedication have made Schmit trucking into the successful business it is today.

Moving forward, our goal at Paul J. Schmit Trucking is to maintain this company as a proud and successful business. This can be accomplished by facilitating an environment where: Good service maintains a satisfied customer base; Well-maintained equipment is essential; and motivated employees can flourish. These factors, along with sound financial planning and decision making, will ensure our success, promote positive growth and contribute to our community at large.